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By engaging the services of FBN, client acknowledges and agrees to the below policies without alteration or exception.

Cancelation Policy

Effective 01/27/2023

Cancelations 48 hours or more ahead of scheduled times- No charge

Cancelations 48 - 24 hours ahead of time - Minimum applicable charge (see billing policy).

Cancelations less than 24 hours ahead of time - Total cost of estimated service unless time can be reallotted to other jobs for other clients. In that event the charge will be minimum applicable charge (see billing policy).

If cancelation is made after client is given notice of departure to job site, any current fuel surcharge will apply along with above charges.

Billing Policy

Effective 01/27/2023

Billing is charged at $105/hr. After the first hour, billing is charged on 15 minute increments

There is a $105 minimum per incident.  Each service provider for FBN may, at their discretion, reduce this hourly rate or offer fixed bids for certain projects.

Billing commences upon notification of technician leaving current location to travel to your jobsite. In the event that technician is OUTSIDE Frisco city limits and is headed to location INSIDE Frisco city limits, that trip time will be capped at 15 minutes.  For example, if technician is downtown Dallas and headed toward Frisco location, time will be capped at 15 minutes.

In the event your location is outside of the Frisco city limit, billing time will include travel to next Frisco minus 15 minutes. For example if your location is in Dallas and travel time is 30 minutes there, you will be billed 30 minutes plus 15 minutes (return trip minus 15 minutes)

In addition to above billing, FBN currently has a $10 per trip fuel surcharge. For travel over 30 miles, the fuel surcharge will be increased proportionately.  (i.e. $20 for 31-60 miles)

Unless otherwise arranged for in advance, payment is due upon completion of work for the day.  Some projects may span more than one visit.  FBN reserves the right to request payment for services rendered, even if the project(s) have not been fully completed.

We accept Cash, Check, Zelle, Venmo.  If you choose to use Venmo, any fees charged by Venmo are the responsibility of the customer, not FBN. To avoid fees, please do NOT use a credit card through Venmo. 

Please note FBN does not carry change for cash payments.


We also accept most major credit cards but a 3.6% service charge will apply.  This is a pass thru cost for FBN.

Appointment times given by FBN are best guess estimates and NOT hard appointment times.  The technician will text you approximately 15-30 mins ahead of arrival when leaving to travel to your jobsite to let you know they are on the way.

Individual tasks and materials are not itemized by time on FBN invoices.  Each items is listed but time is a block of time for the entire billable period. Materials are listed  individually but each item does not show pricing.  There is simply a total cost which represents retail cost+10%mark up +tax.

Scope of Work Policy

Effective 01/27/2023

Prior to arrival, FBN will ask client to provide scope of work.  FBN then schedules client, as well as other clients, based on expected time of job(s). At that time, FBN becomes responsible for utilizing best efforts for that scope of work.

Upon arrival, FBN will utilize best efforts to complete scope of work.   If client desires to add on any additional needs, these CAN be done providing time is available and at the sole discretion of FBN.  All minimum charges described herin still apply.  For example if FBN arrives to fix an electrical problem and it turns out it is only a tripped breaker that takes 5 minutes to fix but then the client wants to add on other tasks, FBN, at it's sole discretion, may accept or turn down the new task request.

FBN reserve the complete and unrestricted right to refuse any portion of the scope of work for any or no reason. For example if the client asks us to get on a steep roof or pickup dog poop in the yard.


It is the client responsibility to ensure FBN has access to work area. For example something behind a locked door or something blocked by a vehicle.

FBN accepts no responsibility for Client "Self Diagnosed" issues.  For example, if the client requests FBN to replace a light switch and not diagnose the PROBLEM with the light and after this is done it is determined that the cause of the issue was burned out light bulbs, not the switch.

Pet Policy

Effective 11/14/2021

All of us here at FixedByNick are pet owners ourselves.  We understand and appreciate the relationship you may have with your pet(s).

As it is your home, you may reserve the right to have your pet loose during our visit. That is your right.

However, FBN cannot be responsible for any injury or loss suffered in the normal course of work and as such, we encourage you to secure your pet during our time there to prevent any harm to come to your pet.  We use ladders and heavy tools and dropped tools or someone stepping off of a ladder can seriously hurt your pet.  Also, we have to open doors to go in an out-thus giving “runners” an opportunity to escape your home.

In the event that a technician feels a pet is aggressive, we reserve the right to ask you to secure the pet. Should you chose not to do so, the technician reserves the right to terminate services immediately.  All minimum charges and accrued charges will still apply.


Material’s Policy

Effective 11/14/2021

As the client, you are more than welcome to provide any materials you see fit and we will attempt to utilize them to the best of our abilities..  However, in doing so you take complete responsibility for their form, fit and function.  FBN cannot be responsible for them in any way.

If FBN provides materials, we charge a 10% service fee on the retail cost of the materials and for that we assume all reasonable responsibility for their form, fit or function at time of installation.  Issues such as client not liking "look" of product they had previously approved is not the responsibility of FBN.

In some instances, one or more helpers may be required to complete requested work.  If the client opts to be that helper or provides helpers, the client agrees to hold harmless and indemnify FBN against any injury, loss or damages without exception.  For example, if the customers helps put a TV on a wall mount and the tv or wall is damaged in the process.

In the event that a customer product is under warranty and free parts are provided by the manufacturer under that warranty (or for any other reason), FBN does not, in any manner, warranty such parts nor take responsibility of parts sent by manufacturer are correct.

Partial Assembly Policy

Effective 11/14/2021

In the event that a client begins assembly of an "item" (i.e. Ceiling fan, chandelier, etc..) prior to FBN installing it, FBN will attempt to install it providing no obviously safety issues are apparent but client agrees to hold harmless and indemnify FBN against any injury, loss or damages without exception. Furthermore client agrees and understand no labor warranty will apply.

Cabinet Content/Drawer Policy

Effective 11/14/2021

In the even that FBN is required to remove contents from a cabinet or drawer in order to conduct work/repairs, FBN does not replace the items back into the cabinet or drawer after work is completed unless specifically requested by the client and agreed to by FBN.  In the even that FBN does put items back, client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless FBN for any and all issues relating to said action. (For example if task is performed and the next day the client finds a bottle of shampoo is overturned and leaking)

In the event that a drawer or cabinet door must be removed to perform repairs, it is possible, due to the nature of drawer slides and hinges, that the item may not go back on properly due to age/damage to hardware and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless FBN for any and all issues relating to said action.


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